Who Am I?

I am a romantic dreamer born from stardust. I breathe poetry, laugh in flowers, and smile during thunderstorms. My blood flows with love for Allah, literature, art, nature, and chocolate.  I adore all things vintage. Black Magic Roses are my favourite type of flower. Drinking a cup of tea while listening to the birds sing and watching the sunrise with my soulmate after fajr prayers is, for me, the epitome of contentment. Happiness is sharing cupcakes and funny stories with those I love. Sunshine brings joy to my heart and the rain awakens the ancient part of my soul. The ocean is my muse —it`s eternal waves help the ink to flow more freely from my pen. I wish to change the world, if even a little through my writing.  I believe that there`s no greater pleasure than the acquisition of knowledge; that “beauty is truth, truth beauty.”; and that true love can defeat even the darkest magician…

Where Am I From?

I am from a graveyard of stars,
the ashes of a supernova.

I am from fig trees and olive groves;
from zeit zaitoun, za’atar and kamoun,
from rosewater and pistachios;
fields of saffron, and misty saltwater air;
from the last crunch of pomegranate leaves in Autumn,
and the first bloom of orange blossoms in the Spring,

I am from the soft whisper of dewdrops at dawn,
glistening on the hilltops of my grandmother’s village.

I was born on March 11th, 1991 in London. No, (sadly) not London, England— London, Ontario, Canada.  (Although, there were many occasions during my childhood where I, faking a posh English accent to seem cool, convinced my friends that I was actually from London, England.)

“But where are you really from?” I just know someone somewhere is dying to ask this question (which is fair, I suppose). After all, you won’t find olive groves or fields of saffron in Southern Ontario.

My ancestors are from  South Lebanon, a Mediterranean coastal region which was once part of ancient Phoenicia.     

Where am I now?

I am a Lebanese-Canadian Shia Muslimah currently living in Toronto with my  Irish-Newfoundlander husband, Shae Yusuf Stamp, and our pet cactus Pippin.

I am a creative writer— a scripturient spinner of words, a passionate poet, and a skilled storyteller.  I am also a professional copy-editor, writing coach, literary arts instructor, and creative writing workshop facilitator.

I have a Masters in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Windsor.  I hope to one day pursue a PhD in creative writing, and become a creative writing professor.

My writing  has appeared  in a number of  publications including  The Windsor Review, Generation Magazine, Feckless Cunt, and the these pills don’t come in my skin tone anthology for BIPOC writers. My writing has also won several awards including the Alistair & Anita MacLeod Prize in Creative Writing in 2011, and the Dr. Eugene McNamara Award for poetry in 2013. Her debut poetry chapbook “Aorta” was  published by ZED Press in April 2018. She’s currently working on her first novel thanks to an OAC grant.

Hanan’s visual art has appeared in several exhibitions including Being Scene, (Mus)interpreted, and in the Bursting Bubbles exhibit as part of the 2018 Rendezvous with Madness Festival. 

When not writing or creating art, I enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction novels, over-analyzing things, photo-blogging, dancing with faeries in the woods, and drinking copious amounts of tea.

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