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Hanan’s Poetry ReRooted workshop gave me the opportunity to find a poetic voice within myself that has become a solace to me and a source of empowerment. The workshop gave me the opportunity to write in my first language and English, giving me the opportunity to connect different parts of my cultures in ways I would never have thought possible. The workshop made me feel that there was space for who I am amidst the two and did so in a space that actively supported and focused on marginalized women getting the opportunity to share and value their stories.

—Sabat Ismail   

I have had a great experience with Hanan Hazime as my experimental literature instructor! I have learned a great deal about styles of literature that have guided me to my inner voice. I’m still a student and intend to take her next course. Her critiques and feedback have been very helpful. She. structured a course that would be a fascinating learning exprience and has been enriching and has led me to get off my butt and just write!

— C.B. Howe

Hanan is passionate, deep, and blossoms with creativity. Instead of rejecting things in workshop pieces, she highlights the best aspects the work has to offer, making the writer more aware of their unique strengths, and how they can build on them. She also encourages new ways of looking at the work, and inspires different creative methods, forms, and writing exercises. She is maturely developed in her own writing and has an almost spiritual insight into herself. She is also just a wonderful person to talk to and get to know. Her workshops are casual and comfortable, and allow each person to explore the creative genius like exploring a tunnel without an end. I look forward and with excitement to working with Hanan in the future! 

Ruby Urlocker  

I have just finished a 12 week Conceptual Writing with Hanan. Every week she was prepared with handouts and numerous examples of the different forms of poetry writing. Wow, some are really cool. She is thorough and very knowledgeable about the different poets and the various ways Conceptual Writing  take. It was a fun course, expanding the mind and creativity. I have a lot of “keeper” poems under the banner of Conceptual Writing.  Hanan is a very good listener and I value her constructive criticism. This is not your standard poetry course. You will definitely learn new concepts and I am sure your writing will be stronger.

— Rita Lianga

Working with Hanan was amazing. Her Poetry ReRooted workshops not only matured my writing but also freed it from the constraints of what I think my audience wants to what I want. Her gentle and insightful critiques allowed me to polish my work to be worthy of publishing and her approachable and accepting nature let me open up and share not only my poems but the story behind them as well. 

Fatima Mazhar  

As a Workman Arts member I recently participated in a wonderful class facilitated by Hanan Hazime entitled Experiental Literature.  I found the class and Ms. Hazime very informative, helpful and broadening.  I learned new aspects of literature and created works that I am proud of. Hanan Hazime is a teacher who takes a genuine interest in her students work and gives constructive advice. I hold that she is a very inspiring teacher. 

— Ann Bekooy

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