To teach, delight, and move!

According to the English scholar Sir Philip Sidney, the aim of “poetry” (or literature) is to “teach, delight and move”. I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment. As a creative writer and literary arts instructor, I work to educate and entertain others through literature. Because engagement with literature fosters critical thinking and has the power to inspire social activism, I believe that through my writing and through my role as a literary arts educator, I can help empower and  move others to action.  I believe that literature has the power to change the world, and if my writing can inspire someone to be a bit more loving or more understanding of their fellow human beings then I’ve accomplished a great deal.

To create stories for Muslimahs. 

Growing up as a Lebanese-Canadian Shia Muslimah, I desperately wished for a book with a protagonist I could identify with – a strong female character who is both Muslim and Canadian and going through similar experiences. Such a book was nowhere to be found. That is why for my Masters of Creative Writing thesis, I wrote Rosewater, a novella with strong Muslimah protagonists.

Through my writing, I hope to give other Muslimahs an opportunity to see themselves represented in literature, and to give the general populace the opportunity to understand just how diverse and heterogeneous the experiences of Muslimahs are. My hope is that my writing will provide a realistic and authentic snapshot of what it is like to be a Muslimah that differs from and challenges the mainstream media’s stereotypical portrayals. I want to entice readers to question the blurry line between culture, religion, and personal belief.

To provide accessible and inclusive literary arts education.

My primary mission as a literary arts instructor is to provide accessible and inclusive literary arts education to marginalized communities with a special focus on crafting safe spaces for Muslimahs, individuals with mental health challenges, and BIPOC youth to discover and enhance their writing skills. My hope is that through their writing, these marginalized voices will be amplified and empowered.

To help aspiring and emerging writers blossom and grow through honest, constructive feedback and mentorship. 

I  encourage aspiring writers  to discover their creative voice through experimentation with various literary forms and genres. Whether you want to write in free verse or in iambic pentameter, whether you want to write linear shortstories or non-linear metafiction, I will teach you the rules of writing and then implore you to break them.  It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to revise and rewrite and revise and rewrite until your fingers are sore and the ink in your pen has dried up.  You will learn how to thrive amidst the chaos and mess of rought drafts and revisions. I will always give you constructive criticism because in order to grow as a writer, you will need honest and sincere feedback, not frivolous flattery.  

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